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For a small bathroom, it is difficult to achieve wet and dry separation. In order not to occupy the space and improve the use of the bathroom, many owners intend to install a shower curtain in the small bathroom to achieve the effect of dry and wet separation. Shower curtains are cost-effective, economical, and easy to use. They are a dry and wet separation method commonly used by the public. How to choose a small bathroom shower curtain? Here is a small series to understand how to buy a small bathroom shower curtain!

How to buy a small bathroom shower curtain

  1. look at the material
    Broadly speaking, the owners will be free to choose plastic shower curtains when purchasing shower curtains. These shower curtains are waterproof and economical. At present, the material of the shower curtain on the market is the first material, PEVA and PVC. PEVA and the first machine are environmentally friendly materials, among which the first machine is the best and most high-grade new environmental protection material. We can touch it by hand when purchasing, to see if the feel of the shower curtain of the first machine is soft and smooth, the drape is good, whether it has elasticity, whether it smells or not. The more the first machine, the better the feel. And the drape is good.
    How to buy a small bathroom shower curtain
  2. look at the size
    Before we buy, we need to determine the width and height of the bathroom. When purchasing, you should be free to choose a shower curtain that is longer than the width of the bathroom. This is because the shower curtain must be opened when it is used. For example, if your bathroom or bathtub is 160kg wide, you must purchase a 180kg wide shower curtain. The curtain must be extended. If you buy 160kg, it will not be tight. It is. The height of the shower curtain should be 1-2 kg from the ground. The hem should not be dragged as much as possible, otherwise it will be easier to smash or trample.
    How to buy a small bathroom shower curtain
  3. smell smell
    If you want to choose a plastic shower curtain, then we have to smell it when it is purchased. In general, the scent of the shower curtain is related to the printed matter, and the printed matter can be divided into machine prints and manual prints. Although the scent of the shower curtain with machine print is not large, the color of the single color is very poor; the color of the manual print is good, but the process is complicated, the cost is high, and the ink smell is heavy. We can make free choices according to our own hobbies. If you buy a shower curtain for handmade prints, we can ventilate them outside after we buy them.
    How to buy a small bathroom shower curtain
  4. see the thickness
    Some people may point out that the thicker the shower curtain, the less waterproof it is, but this view is not accurate. If the shower curtain is too thick, the air permeability and water resistance of the shower curtain will have a negative impact. When it is exposed to water, it is not easy to dry. It is more likely to be mildew after long-term use. It is recommended that you choose 0.1-0.15mm thick when you purchase the shower curtain.

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