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Apr 23, 2020 03:38 am    

Advertising shirts are one of the necessary means for most enterprises to promote their daily activities. They often need to be customized multiple times, but customized advertising shirts are different from ordinary corporate cultural shirts. They are more cost-effective. What are the requirements for customized advertising shirts? What? How is it different from a custom shirt ?


  1. Customized advertising shirts-bottom shirt selection
    Custom shirts and prices are the most linked to the bottom shirt and printing, so when it comes to cost performance, you need to consider the choice of advertising shirts, in order to reduce the cost of publicity, choose a lower cost bottom shirt style, but even if you choose a cheap bottom The shirt style also needs to be practical and of high quality. If you choose, you can choose the T-shirt's ring-spun cotton T-shirt. If you are working outdoors, you can choose the vitality and quick-drying style. These two styles are not only cheap, but also very good quality. Very suitable as an advertising shirt.
      Custom T shirt



  1. customized advertising shirts-printing options
    As an advertising shirt, it is most important to present the brand image, so the pattern should be eye-catching, but the printing option of the pattern is to choose the most cost-effective. Although there are many printing processes on the market, but as an advertising shirt This is to strengthen the brand impression of customers, so choose the cheapest printing process.
    Generally speaking, in order to reduce costs, digital printing and heat transfer processes are recommended for advertising shirts with a small amount, while silk screen printing is the most affordable option for large amounts. However, regardless of the printing process, the T company has fixed the color, and it is twice the standard of most manufacturers.
     Cool T shirt


  1. Customized advertising shirts-other considerations
    If it is a long-term advertising shirt, then you need to pursue the quality of some clothes on the basis of thinking about the low price, choose a cost-effective clothes, you can use it for a longer time, custom-made poor quality clothes, just Make clothing a disposable consumable, which is contrary to the original intention of reducing costs at the beginning.
     Custom T shirt
    The goal of customized advertising shirts is mainly based on high cost performance, while corporate culture shirts are mainly based on employee satisfaction and display of corporate culture. If there is a demand for customized advertising shirts, you can consult customer service .

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