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May 14, 2020 03:59 am    

In the hot summer, T-shirt, as a must-have item in summer, can be said that men and women eat it all, accounting for half of the global. It is the so-called "turnip and green vegetables have their own love, and what suits them is the most important". So for different people, different bodies, how to choose the custom T-Shirt style ? How to choose the right custom T-shirt?

First of all, we need to consider the thickness of the T-shirt, not because of the hot weather, but because the too thin style is easy to make the protruding belly more abrupt. Secondly, if you are thin, when you choose a T-shirt, you can use the sense of hierarchy of the T-shirt itself to increase your body thickness. Therefore, for different body shapes, T-shirt thickness selection has become knowledge.

white modern creative T-shirt designs printable

For the T-shirt version, there are both tight and loose. It is particularly important to choose different styles for different body shapes. For people who have meat in their belly or have a thin waist, you can choose a T-shirt with no sewing thread on the body, which can well modify the waist curve. As for loose fit T-shirts, they are the more selective and can look very thin when worn.

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T-shirt design is divided into V-neck and round neck. V-neck design can make the face more slender, but also a good decoration of the neckline. If you have a little muscle, but it's not very strong, then choose a cut with a line slightly close to the neck, it will give you a very strong feeling. If you don't like the feeling, you can choose a more versatile round neck design.

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