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Nov 29, 2019 02:28 am    

In recent years, cloth bags with its bright colors, novel design, cheap features more and more by people love. But because have not formed a stable market, tote bag fish dragon mixed, how to find a fashion, youth, lively, durable tote bag has also become the biggest wish of people, rely on their own experience to tell you how to choose and buy custom tote bags .

How to choose a custom tote bag
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First, in terms of fabrics, cloth bags are mainly made of canvas, corduroy and woolen velvet. In winter, they are matched with some artificial wool. With good quality canvas, corduroy fabric has even texture and delicate feel.

In the second place, from ingredients, compared with the leather bag, the cloth shape is not strong, easy to deformation, so the production sheet, general pressure on the fabric will be a layer of non-woven fabric (tang dynasty are: namely girls often use compressed facial mask of raw materials) to form solid package, heavy non-woven fabric prices higher and higher, it is better to be fixed and package form, so in general, metal ingredients, under the condition of same weight heavy cloth is better.

Third, go up from inside makings, the inside makings of pure cotton, silk cotton and chemical fiber are compared, more firm, not easy to draw silk, perhaps we often can encounter this kind of circumstance: bag outward appearance is not bad, inside makings breaks first, when so bag of choose and buy, inside makings is very important. Some brands will carry the LOGO inside the bag, and the price will be raised accordingly.

Fourth, from the work, the closer the stitch, the stronger the bag, the more difficult it is to open the thread.

Fifth, from the hardware ingredients, that is, zippers, rings, hooks, etc., the best I see now is probably copper, of course, also very heavy.Designer Tote Bags

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