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Choose the rug according to the main color

According to the main color of the living room, and the color of large pieces of soft furnishings such as sofas and TV walls, the colors of rugs, cushions and decorative paintings basically follow the main color. If the overall color of the room is black and white and gray, then the rug can echo the color of the cushions and decorative paintings.

How to choose a rug

▲ Responding to the color of the decorative painting, the geometric pattern increases the vitality of the room
How to choose a rug

▲ In response to decorative paintings and cushions, set red decorative paintings as the main color. Both cushions and rugs can be selected with red elements.
How to choose a rug

▲ The main color of the room is beige, gray and simple style. The rug can also be selected with gray or beige. Striped rug is very valuable.
How to choose a rug

▲ The geometric rug echoes the striped pillow

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