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Dec 10, 2019 07:47 am    

T-shirts can be said to be our standing clothing styles, and T-shirts are versatile, whether they are worn inside or out.

How to choose a suitable T-shirt in summer?


T-shirt neckline

When we wear clothes, we just want to show our strengths and cover our weaknesses. So the smaller the neckline, the shorter the neck, and the sharper the neckline, the longer the neck.



T-shirt cuffs

The cuff is important because it shows the slenderness of the arm. When the design of the cuff is beveled, it will appear that the arm of the person wearing the T-shirt is very thin. If the cuffs are flat, you can roll the cuffs into a beveled shape.



How to choose a suitable T-shirt in summer?


T-shirt length

Tall people don't need to wear long T-shirts, and short people to wear short T-shirts. The choice of T-shirts must be matched with the overall wear.


T-shirt color

The choice of T-shirt color is also very important. Among them, white and gray are universal colors, which can be matched with any clothing. Also, you can wear some striped and patterned. Light blue is another universal color in addition to black and white.

How to choose a suitable T-shirt in summer?

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