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Dec 24, 2019 03:13 am    

Rug is an important decoration in home life, which can make people feel the warmth under their feet and is an indispensable warming equipment to enhance the warmth index of the new home. So it is more and more loved by the owners, but many owners are not very familiar with the rug material and style, so they can't buy a suitable one. Let's introduce how to choose rug.

How to choose the right rugs?Tailor-made

1.There are many kinds of carpet materials, don't just want to be cheap.

Chemical fiber, blended and rayon rugs are more popular in the market. European pattern rugs, Turkish rugs, etc., often use chemical fiber and blends as raw materials. The appearance of these two materials is similar to that of wool rug, but not in terms of color performance, glossiness and softness. Rayon and imitation fur rugs are full of personality and soft and comfortable, and are often used to match modern style home furnishings. suggestion: first determine the price you can accept, and then choose according to the design of home style and space.

2.Make a good distinction between rooms and choose rugs according to local conditions.

Before selecting rugs, we should first plan the size of the house at home, choose rugs of different materials in different rooms, reduce the damage of rugs in the process of use, prolong the service life of rugs, and fundamentally save money and be practical.

If there are children's families, should choose corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, dark synthetic fiber woven rug; large flow of people in the room to lay rugs, should choose high pile quality, high density, and wear-resistant tufted ring rug.

Now there is a simpler way to choose rugs -custom printed rugs . Not all rooms are the same, some spaces need different things - A method of tailor-made. Our wide range of custom-made rugs provide a wealth of inspiration for customers who want to be creative. We can adjust the design according to your specific requirements, there are countless possibilities.

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