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Dec 17, 2019 02:42 am    

We don't have a way to try on hoodies when we order them online, and many customers are hesitant about choosing the right hoodie size because they feel they can't try them on in person. So how do we choose the right hoodie size? Next, I'll show you how to measure your own hoodie size.

How to choose the right size for a custom hoodie?

Measuring method of custom-made size of hoodie

For example, the size of a hoodie is determined by length and chest circumference. You can't determine the size of a hoodie just by knowing its length. This is because there are certain variables in length and chest circumference. For example, if you are fat, naturally clothes of the same length will feel a little short on you, but they will feel very long for thinner people. That brings up another parameter, which is shoulder width. First determine the shoulder width, then look at the chest circumference, length.

How to choose the right size for a custom hoodie?

What's the length of the create hoodie?

If it's a custom Hoodie, it's the connection between the hat and the clothes until the bottom of the clothes. This is the length of the Hoodie.If it's not a hoodie, it's a regular round neck pullover. Naturally, it's measured from the place where the collar meets the clothes.If you want to look at the size of the hoodie, you need to look at the length and then the bust. The length of the clothes varies according to the chest circumference. That is to say, as long as the chest circumference is right, the length of the hoodie is almost the right one. If you feel troublesome and don't know the length of the hoodie, then just look at the bust and shoulder width.

After we have measured all the data, we can compare the custom hoodie products and choose the most suitable hoodie size. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me in time.

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