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Jan 08, 2020 03:22 am    

Since the availability of smart custom phones, it has become popular to bring protective covers to mobile phones. There has never been a mobile phone case culture. Using a mobile phone case can protect the phone, prevent it from being dropped and abraded, and make it more durable. Secondly, you can use a mobile phone case to highlight your own personality and taste, so everyone thinks that the mobile phone case is an ornament, and it has also formed a trend of taking pictures of mobile phone cases. However, a mobile phone case made of silicone products and a plastic rubber phone case has a big disadvantage. Generally, with the increase of the use time, yellowing and hardening processes will occur. And this phenomenon is inevitable and irreversible, so is there any way to try to avoid or clean the yellow phone case?
  A transparent mobile phone case like the picture below is relatively easy to turn yellow and black, but you can design or print your favorite pattern on this transparent mobile phone case, even if it is old, it is not obvious. And nowadays, in order to show their personality and express themselves, young people have begun to customise their own mobile phone cases, especially among couples and girlfriends.

How to clean the mobile phone case? How to clean the silicone phone case?

  Why does the phone case turn yellow?
  There are many reasons for yellow, but one of the most important is the effect of ultraviolet rays. During the use, the sun will make it yellow, plus constant friction during normal use, or oxygen from sweat on your hands. Phenomenon, but yellowing does not affect its basic characteristics such as hardness and life.

How to clean the mobile phone case? How to clean the silicone phone case?

  How to clean a yellowed phone case:
  If the phone case has not been used for a long time and you don't want to buy it, some yellowing and black substances can still be cleaned by some methods.
  1. The most conventional method: Soak the phone case with soapy water or laundry detergent for a while, and then use a soft brush or a small toothbrush to lightly brush. The effect will vary from person to person. The material can be cleaned away, but the yellow ones cannot be cleaned due to oxidation and other reasons.
  2. Bleaching water: The effect of bleaching water on the cleaning of the white silicone mobile phone case is more obvious, but it can not be cleaned for yellowing due to oxidation and other reasons.
How to clean the mobile phone case? How to clean the silicone phone case?

  3. Toothpaste is also a soft, granular solid, which can rub the teeth and make them more smooth and white. The purpose of saying this is to tell everyone that toothpaste is also a very effective cleaning tool. However, if toothpaste is used to deal with the white hair of the mobile phone silicone case, it can achieve the effect we expected? Let's take a look.
  The surface of the silicone sleeve is coated with toothpaste, and by repeatedly wiping it with a lens cloth, I regret to tell you that toothpaste has no effect on cleaning the silicone sleeve. It is said that toothpaste can clean tea stains or coffee stains on tea cups, and even remove small scratches on the surface of mobile phones, but from a practical point of view, toothpaste, a good cleaning tool, has no way to take a mobile phone silicone sleeve.
  4. The above two do not work. Let's take a look at alcohol to clean the phone case.
  Although the decontamination ability of alcohol is good, after repeated wiping, it is found that the white silicone hair is still black and yellow. It may be that the alcohol concentration is not enough, or it may need to be soaked, or it may be because alcohol has a strong detergency on the surface. In short, its effect is not obvious during the cleaning process, everyone may wish to purchase it for actual wiping.
  We often hear about cleaning digital products with alcohol, but this is actually the case. Because alcohol has a strong decontamination ability and is volatile, it can return to a dry state within a short time after wiping. It is not as easy as water to penetrate the inside of the machine, which is likely to cause a short circuit in the power supply. After searching on the Internet, many results showed that alcohol can clean the silicone cover of the mobile phone. Therefore, I bought a bottle of 75% medical alcohol nearby. Let's take a look at how well it cleans the silicone cover.
 5. The eraser is something that everyone has used. It can not only wipe the handwriting on paper objects, but also has a good cleaning effect on other objects. It is also applicable to mobile phones, especially some models with a frosted body, which can be used to clean up the stolen goods. So, will it have a good effect on the silicone cover of the mobile phone with a smooth surface?
 The eraser wipes the phone case to clean simple dirt, but it becomes weaker if it turns black.
How to clean the mobile phone case? How to clean the silicone phone case?

 In fact, the cleaning methods are similar, and the most avoidable method is to buy a dark or black mobile phone case. Even if it turns yellow and black, it will not be obvious.

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