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Nov 13, 2019 06:46 am    

Customize shoes become a popular trend nowadays. A fantastic custom shoe always with a white base, but it has a common problem is white shoes usually will get dirty easily and get yellow for a long time. A common question has customer worry about is 'How to clean my custom shoe' Next will recommend several ways to teach how to clean your shoes.

Method 1
need a toothbrush and warm soaping water
using a toothbrush to scrubbing the shoes you want to focus and avoid from suede.

How to clean your shoes?

After scrubbing go ahead and dry the whole shoe off.

How to clean your shoes?

Place in a cool place to dry.

Method 2

  1. First, soaking the shoes into a bowl within warm water, then add a little white vinegar into water and pay attention that soaking time should not be too long
  2. Scrubbing shoes with transparent soap or washing powder. The soft brush is the best choice
  3. Shoes must be bleach clean.especially when cleaning shoes with washing clothes. After washing brushing shoes, soaking shoes in water for a while.
  4. Wrap the shoes with the toilet paper and place them in a cool place to dry

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