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Started by on Mar 28, 2020 – Last touched: Mar 28, 2020

Mar 28, 2020 07:28 am    

DIY seems to be very hot right now, if you can go out with a design of your own, it will be cool. Now I will share one of my little skills to everyone.


  1. Choose a fountain pen of your favorite color (preferably with more water, so the success rate is higher)
  2. A white paper about A4 size
  3. a solid color canvas bag
  4. an electric Iron

hands before the first good idea of what you want to draw a pattern on top of the canvas bag, and then imagine myself as an artist friends hands.

Step 1: Draw the pattern you want on the paper, write word art or whatever, as long as you like.

DIY Cavans Bags

Step 2: As soon as you finish writing, buckle the paper upside down on the canvas bag, and then iron the electric iron on it. Remember that the temperature should not be too high, and the tabletop should be flat.

DIY Cavans Bags

Step 3: Gently lift up a part of the paper and observe if it is printed. If you feel successful, just lift the paper away. However, you can also choose to open it little by little, in case some parts are not printed successfully, and you lose everything!

DIY Cavans Bags

Step 4: The results come out. Someone may want to ask, "Why is the word reversed?" The reverse word is pretense! (Ao Jiao's face)

DIY Cavans Bags

Of course, many handicapped parties said that even if I said so detailed, what would he not do? !! I have to give you an Amway website that can be customized.
The URL is On it, you can choose freely selected patterns, colors, etc.

How to DIY the pattern you want on a canvas bag?
How to DIY the pattern you want on a canvas bag?
How to DIY the pattern you want on a canvas bag?

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