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Dec 09, 2019 01:37 am    

It is to install a beautiful shower curtain at the corresponding position in the bathroom. The shower curtain not only has a good waterproof and windproof effect but also is affordable and simple to install. The following is the installation method and precautions of the shower curtain rod.

How to install shower curtain in bathroom


1. If only two sides of the shower area have a wall, the shower curtain rod can only be fixed on the wall with a kind of circular steel pipe. One disadvantage of this fixed circular steel pipe is that due to uneven force, it is easy for a long time. Looseness has occurred.


How to install shower curtain in bathroom

Second, the shower area should be able to have walls on three sides, and more importantly: the shower curtain rod should be topped on the wall at both ends with an expansion rod. This "expanding rod" is a telescopic iron pipe, which is fixed after being twisted after the heads on both sides. The maximum load of the "expanding rod" is generally 20 kg, which can be used for bath towels, and the "expanded rod" can be moved and replaced at any time and anywhere, which is very convenient;

Personalized Shower Curtain

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