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Apr 29, 2020 08:02 am    

What do you need to make a good cultural shirt? In fact, it is very simple. It is a high-quality bottom shirt and a high-quality printing process . The cultural shirt combined is very high-quality. Like the custom-made ready-to-wear, you have carefully selected a high-quality bottom shirt and then pattern Printing, I came to tell you how to make a bottom shirt, so what is the difference between so many printing processes?
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The price composition of a cultural shirt is the price and printing cost of the bottom shirt, then the composition of a cultural shirt is also composed of these two parts. For example, T is a bottom shirt woven from carefully selected high-quality fabrics, and in order to satisfy different customers. According to different needs, various grades of bottom shirts were introduced, and then through T's own factory, imported raw materials and machines were introduced for printing.
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T's printing process almost covers the processes available on the market, basically divided into four categories, screen printing, digital direct injection, thermal transfer and embroidery, through these processes can achieve many unexpected printing textures. Silk screen printing is to permeate the ink through part of the mesh in the printing plate, and then apply a certain pressure to the ink part through the scraper to make the ink squeeze from the mesh to the substrate to form a pattern.
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(The above printing process is glue )
In general, digital direct injection is like a printer. Printing patterns on clothes is very simple and fast. It can also restore patterns in multiple colors. The number of pieces that can be printed is small, and the air permeability is also good. Thermal transfer is also a step that does not need to be repeated like screen printing. It only needs a machine and a computer to complete the printing operation, and can perfectly print the color of the pattern, especially the color transition, but the pattern of the thermal transfer feels hairy. Hard and poorly breathable.
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(The printing process above is a super thick plate )
Needless to say, embroidery, everyone is very familiar with it. These printing processes can not only simply print the pattern, but also have a unique texture, such as some fluorescent and reflective effects can also be completed, and some 3D thick plates , Pearlescent and other different texture printing.

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