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Dec 11, 2019 03:30 am    

Tote bags are becoming more and more popular, but how can we match a large number of personalized tote bags to give full play to the ultimate sense of fashion? There are many styles of tote bags, including forest style, literary style, and fashion. Here are a few tote bags.Introduce a few kinds of tote bag collocation below.

How to match the personalized tote bag

Literature art style
Most of the tote bags are relatively casual styles, such as the horizontal stripe canvas in the figure below. The horizontal stripe pattern has always been a very popular style, and the design is full of fashion sense everywhere. This soft and free tote bag is good to match with a simple dress, of course, the Plaid Dress can better match the style of the bag. Brick red is also a good match. The fashionable horizontal stripes add a fresh artistic flavor to the whole. It is a very good spring collocation style, a typical literary style.
How to match the personalized tote bag

Sen department
Because the tote bag is mainly leisure fashion, so the white and clean tote bag is very popular, this kind of style of tote bag is very easy match, so match is simpler, ordinary jeans and t-shirts, all the year round can harness, Simple collocation can be very fashionable, very fresh, have a kind of pure and fresh forest female style. These tote bags are a very common style in totebags. They're popular because they go with everything and are relaxed and fresh. Totebag has various styles of tote bags, which are typical representative of forest style tote bags.
How to match the personalized tote bag

Fashionable joker
This tote bag is tend to be more fashionable, such a fashionable joker tote bag is suitable for fashionable OL, also is suitable for the girls love fashion, generous fashion style is tie-in simple shirt and leggings to ok, very fashionable feeling, bright blue also appear move feeling, all the while bright but very easy match, the colorful appearance fashion canvas bag can show most fashion temperament, match very beautiful. Totebags' tote bags are always dedicated to rich color matching, breaking through the monotonous color style of tote bags in the past. It are the most colorful website for customized tote bags.

Introduce the collocation of a few kinds of tote bag simply, the people that hopes to love fashionable love tote style can collocation gives oneself fashionable style.

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