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Mar 07, 2020 06:37 am    

How to prevent shrinkage of cotton T-shirts after customization

Cotton fabrics have good breathability and are comfortable to wear on the body. Therefore, many users will customize cotton T-shirts, but over time you will find that your T-shirts have shrunk. Today I will teach you how to prevent cotton T-shirts. The shirt shrank.

View the logo on the cotton t-shirt
As we all know, every garment has a washing and care logo on it, which is printed with the type of fabric. Can it be machine washed, washed with warm water, to eliminate the confusion caused by improper washing and care. In fact, there are many ready-made cotton products on the market through pre-shrinking. Generally speaking, the shrinkage rate of this kind of cotton t-shirt is relatively low, because the fabric is disposed of by a high-temperature pre-shrinking machine before choosing the sewing. As "premature shrinkage", it can maintain the shape of the garment itself.

Use scientific methods to clean cotton T-shirts
Different fabrics have different properties. Pure cotton has strong alkali resistance. It can do some pretreatment when washing pure cotton custom T-shirts . For example, you can soak your clothes in fresh saline for half an hour before washing and then clean them. When scrubbing, the water temperature should be controlled below 35 ° C, and it should not be immersed in the scrubbing agent for a long time. If possible, you can participate in some clothes softeners to make the cotton clothes soft without the obvious shrinkage.
Learn the drying techniques
The drying of clothes will also affect the shrinkage of cotton custom T-shirts, especially the exposure will affect the nature of cotton T-shirts, so do not ignore this final process. To avoid overheating and shrinking of clothing, it should be stretched properly when exposed to the sun. If it ’s hand-washing, do n’t wring the clothes completely after washing, but leave some water, and let the clothes be exposed to gravity under the effect of gravity, so it will not shrink so easily. You can also use the ironing method. After pulling on the cotton clothes, use an iron to fix the clothes, so that the clothes can be pulled again and then returned to the original size.

How to prevent shrinkage of cotton T-shirts after customization

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