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Mar 04, 2020 03:37 am    

Our customized T-shirts are printed on the T-shirts by choosing different printing processes of our favorite patterns . It is also a good choice when you practice and diverge your thinking. You can try new design topics.

Quality requirements for custom T-shirt graphics
As a manufacturer of this T-shirt, the design of the clothes must also follow a certain aesthetic design. Therefore, pictures cannot be used at will, and the quality of the pictures is still required, or at least there are basic requirements, such as poorly defined pictures or too cluttered scenes. . Our custom T-shirt pictures are best to have a pattern source file so that the printed borders are clear.

How to design a custom T-shirt pattern?

  1. In the first step, we collect materials that meet our needs from a large number of materials, and choose a picture from many materials that is similar to our theme. Remember, in the process of browsing the pictures, carefully experience the culture of each picture.
  2. We find many pictures that match our preferences. Of course, we choose pictures based on personal preferences. For example, some people like simple, some like the magnificent, and some people are more fresh or lifelike. Pictures only need to be based on what you like.
  3. Before designing a custom T-shirt pattern, we crop and adjust the picture by designing the size ratio of the category to meet the requirements that match the size of our T-shirt.
  4. After the picture is determined, we can choose the style of bottom shirt we like, such as cotton T-shirt or sports quick-drying T-shirt? T company has a variety of different styles for users to choose from, to meet the different needs of users.

Print good-looking patterns on blank T-shirts, use different printing methods to suit different customized patterns, and then match the corresponding bottom shirt styles. After the layer-by-layer customization process, we can get our own customized T-shirts. . When we get a T-shirt that has our own wisdom and creation, we will definitely be emotional, and our own hand-made T-shirts will find more interesting eggs in life!

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