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How to print a pattern on a t-shirt? Cool diy t-shirts can be customized at any time

Summer is the season for wearing short sleeves. Do you buy a lot of good-looking T-shirts every spring and summer? When it comes to good-looking T-shirts, it is nothing more than special colors, special designs or special materials ... but Have you noticed those Custom T-shirts that can print? How are those patterns and text printed on clothes ?

The T-shirt symbolizes a life attitude that is close to nature, leisurely, and relaxed. Therefore, T-shirts have become a medium for self-expression and publicity. The patterns displayed are all-encompassing, with large characters slogan, pictures and even photos, so they are also called cultural shirts. Print your favorite pattern on the T-shirt. However, this attribute means that the design of the T-shirt is not free. There are several points in the design of the T-shirt that must be grasped.

T-shirt custom pattern printing

  1. Our custom T-shirts need to be printed with a set of colors that need to be controlled within a certain range, and the colors do not need to be too rich. Not only is the custom cost lower, but also it is casual, simple, fresh and naturally coincident with T-shirts.
  2. The size and composition of the pattern. The position of the pattern is mostly concentrated in the center of the chest, and the size should not exceed 15 square centimeters, and the position of the pattern should not span the seams of the clothes. No matter how complicated the content of the pattern, it should present a simple outline, round or square, giving a striking impression.
  3. Pattern printing and dyeing process. I learned about different clothing printing and dyeing processes in the factory. Currently, the more common pattern printing processes are screen printing and thermal transfer. T company uses different printing processes to ensure that the pattern printing effect is clear and stable, and it is not easy to fall off. A lot of users who have customized T-shirts have been well received.

If you want to print a pattern on your T-shirt , you just need to give us the pattern, and we will give you a high-quality T-shirt cultural shirt. T agency customization provides you with pattern printing and customization suggestions from a professional customization perspective, so that you can easily customize the T-shirts and t-shirts you want without having to understand this industry. 

How to print a pattern on a t-shirt? Cool diy t-shirts can be customized at any time
How to print a pattern on a t-shirt? Cool diy t-shirts can be customized at any time

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