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Dec 10, 2019 07:25 am    

 Many friends will ask how to remove the pattern on the hoodie. Can the printing on the hoodie be washed off? I believe this problem has been encountered by many people.


Can the sweater print be washed off?

How to remove the pattern  on the hoodie?

Generally, the printed pattern on the hoodie cannot be washed off. The pattern on the clothes needs to be removed. Generally, it cannot be removed by washing. It is recommended that you consult a professional hot stamping shop for treatment. Of course, if the clothes are of poor quality, the printing may fall off and fade naturally after several washes


How to remove the offset printing on the hoodie?


How to remove the pattern  on the hoodie?


Find a the hairdryer, aim at the offset printing position you want to remove and start blowing hot air, so that these offset printing will quickly become soft and sticky, at this time you can directly scrape it off.



With a knife

Find a small art knife, first blow off the offset printed clothes with a hairdryer, and then gently scrape those offset printing with a small knife. 




After the first two methods are done, there will be some offset printing on the clothes. At this time, use adhesive tape to stick on it, press firmly with your fingers and then quickly tear them off. These remaining offset printing will also be removed.

How to remove the pattern  on the hoodie?

Electric iron

If none of the above three methods can be removed, ironing these offsets with an electric iron will be fine soon. Remember, iron the reverse side.

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