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Apr 06, 2020 08:20 am    

How to wear a custom beach towel

Elegant and relaxed decorative pattern, summer regards as beach towel is very good choice!
First of all, let's look at the common threading.
Wear a custom beach towel
Specific method: surround the back first, left and right sides leave the same length
Then, on the front of the body, cross the two angles
Then twist it twice (it doesn't matter how many times)
Tie the end at the back of your neck and you're done!

Wear a custom beach towel
First or the silk scarf to the long side of the lateral to the body, take the left upper corner to the left shoulder, specific length as shown in the figure
Upper right corner from the back of the body through the right arm under the armpit, as long as possible to the left side of the body
Continuing to pull, pass the scarf under your arms and wrap it around your back
Tie the corners in front of the body
Now you can adjust the front active piece
Leave less is the following effect, leave more is the appearance of the above renderings

  1. outdoor or when the wind can be used as a shawl;
  2. usually walk in the water can tie the waist, can only tie the upper end, so the length can reach the knee below, can be very good cover effect;
  3. wear bikini best length both ends grab up to tie, show a leg, can tie a variety of knots.Can't dozen too tight, have very good much drape effect so, the fart wants to make fold to just the most dim, the sexiest yo.
  4. various types of tie: A. Can tie the waist B. Can be used as A shawl C. Can tie the knot from the back to cover the whole upper body D.A variety of department law is colourful, simple and easy design, it is the sheet that belle people beach cannot miss tastes.

Special for matching swimsuits.Elegant yarn quality can wear up also fit around the head, wearing, around the waist, around the breasts choose a beautiful bikini, coupled with suitable fabric can cope with various occasions and holidays lover can stroll the beach at dusk is the wind dancing around the waist of your mood. And friends party at the beach, can create enough elegant wrapped around the waist.

The friend that is not used to wearing bikini on the shore still can use to keep out fast choose the gauze towel that line you most, you are the most beautiful scenery in seaside.

How to wear a custom beach towel

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