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Jun 02, 2020 09:06 pm    

What is the ideal life? I believe that everyone will have their own answer. For those who pursue power, their ideal life is to reach the peak of power, and enjoy the thrill of power under one person above 10,000; for those who love, their ideal life is to choose one city to end old, meet one person in the first place; People, their ideal life is full of wealth and freedom.
For those who are pursuing pure small fortunes in life, a simple and beautiful home environment is their ideal life of quiet and comfortable years. In order to create a comfortable home environment, in addition to the hardware such as floors, furniture, and electrical appliances, the room is also equipped with soft decoration. A small fresh yearning custom mat can add a lively atmosphere to the home and instantly enhance the entire living room. atmosphere.

custom mat/rug

Focus on creating exquisite home life

In the eyes of young people nowadays, home memories in the 1980s are all objects with a retro taste such as radios, large porcelain cups, and nostalgic pictorials. These objects represent the common home style of that era and are the epitome of an era of life. In modern home life, it is important to see the "attitude of exquisite life" from the details. Even a small floor mat must meet people's requirements for exquisite life. Longing for home mats combining contemporary people's home needs and aesthetic direction, a series of pastoral style, Nordic style and Japanese and Korean style mats have been launched to meet the diverse needs of lovers of different styles.

Custom Mat/Rug

Pay attention to the LOHAS who enjoy life

In modern fast-paced life, everyone is in a hurry and shouldering heavy loads. In the high-rise building of reinforced concrete, we are exhausted and weary. "Plucking chrysanthemums under the hedge, seeing Nanshan leisurely" has become the ideal life in dream.

However, there is always a group of people who pay attention to a healthy quality of life, eat natural and organic foods, maintain an optimistic and full mindset, and prefer cotton and linen clothing, even home decoration, are in their own style.

Comfortable Mat/Rug

The floor mat is exactly in sight of the needs of this potential user. It has introduced a rustic style floor mat, which is mainly composed of comfortable tufted materials. When you barefoot on a soft floor mat, it is like stepping on a layer On thin cotton. The tone is partial to the forest, and the mixture of light green, grass green, and rape yellow is pleasing to the eyes, as if you are on a vibrant lawn.

Fashional Mat/Rug

The Nordic-style rugs are distinguished by thick materials, and the softness of nearly 2cm thick blooms on the soles of the feet, so that the office worker's fatigue can be relieved all day. In addition, the Nordic style also pays attention to the simple design and no other gorgeous decoration. The design of the gradient color only adds to the vitality of the floor mat. The simple color is not monotonous.

Customized Rug/Mat

In a bustling, chaotic society, there is always a soft corner where I think and be chanted by myself, so that I can get a moment of comfort in the exhausted breath. When you go home and push the door to welcome you, not only your family or pets, but also the floor mat that welcomes you home.

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