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Different seasons, the fabrics used for customizing clothes are different, but there are some fabrics that are suitable for making clothes all year round. Below it will explain to you, these kinds of clothes suit the four seasons. Custom fabrics:

In 2020, the custom fabric knowledge of clothes must know

1.cotton / cotton fabric
Cotton is usually also pure cotton, and cotton clothes refer to clothes containing more than 95% cotton. Cotton has always been the fabric of choice when people customize clothing.
Why cotton is so popular with customers, because cotton feels soft and comfortable, comfortable to wear and breathable, not sultry, good for human health. Pure cotton is more expensive than regular fabrics, but the price will not be much different. The feel of cotton clothes is different from the others. It can be grasped more and more tightly in the hand, and it has been caught in the palm of your hand, and it can be close to the skin. In terms of temperature, the natural temperature of pure cotton is lower than that of the skin, so many summer clothes will be made of pure cotton fabric. Of course, this does not mean that pure cotton cannot be used in winter. On the contrary, there are many cotton coats in winter, and these winter clothes are also made of pure cotton, so the market share of pure cotton is large.

  1. polyester cotton fabric
    Polyester cotton is the second most demanding fabric after cotton.
    Many consumers will find that polyester cotton will suddenly feel a lower grade. In fact, the gap between polyester cotton and pure cotton is not very large, and polyester-cotton clothing also has its own advantages.
    Among the polyester-cotton components, the amount of cotton is small. Generally, 33%-35% cotton and 65%-67% polyester are mixed, called polyester cotton. Because it combines cotton and polyester, it has the sweat absorption and breathability of cotton, and also has the characteristics of polyester wear resistance, shrinkage rate, straightness, not easy to wrinkle, and quick drying. Therefore, the use of polyester-cotton fabrics is also popular among people.
    In 2020, the custom fabric knowledge of clothes must know


  1. polyester card fabric
    Polyester fabric is still a relatively common fabric in clothing. The so-called polyester card is a khaki woven with polyester yarn, which is the abbreviation of polyester khaki.
    There are three types of polyester cards, namely yarn cards, half line cards and line cards.
    Gauze: The front and back lines of the 2/2 twill weave are clear, so it is called double-sided card;
    Half-line card: The front grain is woven with 3/1 twill weave, and the reverse grain is blurred, so it is called single-sided card;
    Line card: It adopts an acute twill weave. The warp yarn has a long floating line and is continuous like a satin. It is called a satin card.
    Polyester garments are more commonly used in mechanical clothing because they have a tight, firm feel and are durable.
  2. anti-static fabric
    The demand for anti-static fabrics in the market has always been very large. Whether it is bio-pharmaceutical, electric power protection, or petrochemical industry, its employees will uniformly distribute anti-static clothes. Anti-static clothes are mainly anti-static, followed by wear resistance, dirt resistance and convenient operation.
    Anti-static fabrics are generally special fabrics, the quality of which is good or bad, and the country also has anti-static clothing standards.
    Anti-static fabrics generally need to be strong, wear-resistant, soft, comfortable, moisture-absorbing, and breathable. Some manufacturers will use cotton as an anti-static fabric, of course, it is also feasible, but its anti-static effect is not as good as high-grade anti-static fabric.
  3. poplin fabric
    Poplin fabrics are relatively small in custom-made clothes . Poplin is a plain weave fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, cotton or blended yarn. All kinds of poplin fabrics have clean and smooth cloth surface, fine texture, full grain, soft and lustrous, soft and smooth feel. In summer clothes, in addition to pure cotton, the second choice of fabrics, wearing poplin summer clothes is also relatively cool.

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