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Nov 25, 2019 02:59 am    

Mention tote bag, this but one of current times popular element, no matter be a boy or a girl, believe to have one or two tote bag, good-looking and fashionable, and the thing that tote bag packs is much, capacity is big, no matter go out street or shopping, very convenient. Nevertheless tote bag although fashionable and good-looking, but have a big drawback, be not able to bear dirt namely. And we in the cleaning tote bag is not easy, tote bag has a variety of color patterns, so it is easy to fade, so what should we do in this situation? Next, I'll teach you four tips for cleaning tote bags, so that you can easily clean tote bags, make sure they don't fade, and it's worth learning about.

Is custom tote bag easy to fade?

The first tip, be sure to wash it by hand.
We all know that tote bags are mostly made of canvas, corduroy, velvet and so on, so compared with ordinary leather bags, its shape is not firm and it is easy to deform. Therefore, when cleaning tote bags, we should pay attention to hand washing, not machine washing, and do not use washing machines to dehydrate and dry, so it is easy to deform canvas bags in the process of dehydration. Second, when cleaning canvas bags, we should also pay attention to cleaning with cold water, do not soak in hot water, which will also cause deformation of the tote bag.
Is custom tote bag easy to fade?

The second tip is to soak in salt water.
Today's tote bags are not as simple and simple as they used to be. Now a tote bag may have many colors on it, and the style is trendy, so the color on it is likely to fade when it is cleaned. At this time we can soak in salt water, can effectively avoid fading. We can prepare a basin of water, then pour in the right amount of salt, then soak the tote bag for half an hour, and then rinse it with clean water. Because the salt itself has a good fixing effect, it can ensure that the tote bag does not fade in the cleaning process.
Is custom tote bag easy to fade?

The third tip is to clean with softener.
Because tote bags are mostly made of cotton, we must be careful when cleaning them, so as not to over wash them and cause deformation or fading. The tote bag can be washed with a neutral softener or shampoo to prevent alkaline lotion from damaging the tote bag surface. We first prepare a pot of warm water, then add appropriate amount of softener or shampoo into it, stir evenly, soak the bag in it, and then simply rub it. But pay attention to after cleaning, it is best to wrap up the surface of the bag with toilet paper, toilet paper should be close to the surface, so as to prevent string color, can also prevent the surface yellowing.

The fourth tip, reverse drying, avoid sun exposure. After we cleaned the tote bag, it was time to dry. At this time, many friends like to put tote bags directly facing the sun to dry, in fact, this is often wrong. Because exposure to the sun can not only cause damage to tote bags, but also cause serious discoloration, we should remember to turn over tote bags when drying, and then dry in cool, ventilated or small sun conditions. This will ensure that the bag is as clean as new.

The above is to clean the tote bag tips and methods, after the tote bag dirty do not casually clean, with these methods to ensure that the tote bag washed clean, but also do not fade, it is worth understanding.

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