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Jan 06, 2020 03:38 am    

Use creative custom rugs to light up space. Before buying, let's take a look at today's matching suggestions.

1. The matching of color and material is very important.

The area of the rug should not be underestimated, which plays a decisive role in the whole space. Therefore, the rug should correspond to the color of the whole home. Before choosing a rug, see your home is what tonal, choose a kind or a few kinds of the main color in the space, for instance, furniture of a big piece, sofa, throw pillow, curtain... Come as the color constitution of the rug, choose design and pattern in this range next.

Light up the space with creative custom rugs

2. Make multiple rugs to show your own characteristics.

The splicing and stacking of multiple small rugs are more flexible and interesting. The patterns are more abundant when putting together, and the stacking method can be changed according to local conditions, which can be used separately. But pay attention to the unity of materials and patterns.

Light up the space with creative custom rugs

3. Fur rug makes you feel warm in winter.

Whether it's artificial wool or real fur, if you're barefoot on the ground, they offer a level of comfort that no other material can match.

Light up the space with creative custom rugs

4. Long strip rugs can stretch the sense of space.

Along the bedside, desk, or corridor, according to the situation on the long carpet, more deepen the sense of extension of the space. Design and color choose simple stripe, geometry, do not suffer the limitation of length, although too narrow and long, also won't be out of shape.

Light up the space with creative custom rugs

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