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Mar 25, 2020 03:43 am    

On March 10, the premiere of Disney's live-action movie "Mulan" in the United States broke the naivety of the Disney live-action movie in the past, and became more mature. Hua Mulan, the role we have recognized in textbooks since childhood, has also been I put it on the big screen and used it as a design pattern for short-sleeved T-shirts, which is very in line with the image of girls' self-reliance now.
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The print on the T-shirt is a picture of Disney's "Mulan". The image of Mulan is also a true portrayal of modern women. Some girls have become "Mulan". They are refreshing and independent. Some girls are trying to become Mulan. Your own personality, your own attitude. Loyalty, courage, and truth, this should not only be the motto of boys, this is the quality that everyone needs to possess. As a T-shirt, it is also such a masculine label printed on the T-shirt, expressing a kind of Girls can also do it.
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But Hua Mulan's life is not all on the battlefield, and there is a youthful period of the young girl among the characters. This is the multi-faceted nature of Mulan. She is cool, but she is also gentle, so she chose to use a white bottom shirt to carry Mulan. The pictures of dressing up in the characters are more like a sharp sword in gentleness, full of toughness, which is also the attitude that this short-sleeved T-shirt wants to carry.
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Speaking of Mulan, in addition to Disney's Mulan, the first reaction of patients who are addicted to the game is probably the glory of the king. The two swords make the tigers lively and extremely chic, and also make Mulan a warrior sister. It seems like They are all impressions of Hua Mulan as a “kind warrior”, but in fact, she can be a sought-after heroine, not only because of her domineering performance on the battlefield, but also because she has retained the femininity, affection, There are contradictions and hesitations.
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Taking advantage of the fairy tale of Liu Yifei's new movie, Hua Mulan also reignited. Hua Mulan's independence, tenderness, and faith also came into our sight, and Hua Mulan's short-sleeved T-shirt Customization is also like imprinting such an attitude and belief on the body.

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