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Jan 19, 2020 09:21 am    

Custom Mobile phone cases are like clothes. If you want to change one every day, even mobile phone cases have become one of the concave shapes. However, clothes are afraid of hitting shirts and mobile phone cases are afraid of hitting models. You can only customize your own mobile phone case. At this time another question came again, what kind of mobile phone case should I customize? Xiaobian to share with you several different mobile phone case patterns.

Custom phone case-ins wind

In recent years, the wind of ins has blown to all corners of China, and even to the imagination of the Northeast bathhouse that the Daikin chain and Daijin watch society love. The pattern on the phone case has more ins styles. The combination of proper matching and design patterns is simple and natural ins styles.
Custom phone case-illustration style

To say that the most popular mobile phone case is more lively and funny illustrations, a little childish, and a little playful, bright colors filled all the girls' hearts and even contracted a day of happiness. If you want to be more attentive, you can add some slogans. This is probably a serious sell.
Custom phone case-barrage wind

The rise of station B brought a wind of barrage. The commentary subtitles popping up on the video were called barrage. The barrage has also become the main means for young people to spit out. Until now, the barrage has become a fast pace In this era, one of the ways that people decompress, the barrage on the phone case seems to be real-time spitting of life.
Be aware that in addition to clothes and shoes, a mobile phone case is not only a protective cover for the mobile phone, but also a label that highlights your taste, attitude and trendy taste. However, many mobile phone cases will inevitably run into some of the same mobile phone cases. It ’s really embarrassing to run into “comrades” in the vast world of mobile phone cases. , Is simply a must-have fashion item for your shopping trip.

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