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Nov 25, 2019 03:03 am    

Many people carefully select the mouse, but they ignore the mouse pad. Many people think that the mouse pad is just a mat. It is useless. Just buy it, even if it doesn't work. Do you think it is necessary to care about the mouse pad? Today, I will tell you about the mouse pad that you often ignore.

mouse pad that ignor and you don't know



Soft material


The traditional mouse pad is a cloth pad, a rubber sole is used for anti-slip, and a piece of cloth is placed on top. This mat is characterized by wear resistance, softness, and long life. There is no noise when the mouse slides.

mouse pad that ignor and you don't know

However, because it is a cloth, the friction coefficient is very high, and there are points of the rough and fine surface, so the hand feel is different, the rough surface is finely manipulated, the cursor moves more accurately, and the fine surface is suitable for sliding. When choosing this kind of mouse pad, pay attention to the thickness. Generally, it should not be too thin, otherwise, it will feel the same.



A soft mouse pad is also a kind of rubber mouse pad, which is rare. Because it is not durable, the mouse is used more intensely. It is very serious to slip and slip. The rubber wear is very serious. It has to be changed in a few months. It is not recommended to use a rubber mouse pad now.


Hard Material


Common hard mousepads are aluminum, glass or resin.


The amount of resin mouse pad should be second only to the cloth pad. The resin mouse pad feels better, and it is a compromise between the matte cloth pad and the fine cloth pad. The mouse is smooth and the control is more accurate. Nowadays, many e-sports mousepads are made of resin, and they can be washed directly without being dirty. Unlike cloth mats, washing may separate the cloth from the rubber sole.

mouse pad that ignor and you don't know



Glass mouse pads are very few, niche products, less sold, less used, glass mouse pads generally tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, of course, the quality is different. The glass mouse pad is very smooth, the surface is frosted, looks very fashionable, easy to clean, and wipes clean, but the biggest problem is no portability, easy to break, known as the lowest cost mouse pad.


mouse pad that ignor and you don't know


Metal mousepads are also used by many people. It is the smoothest inside the mouse pad. Not to mention the durability. At present, the metal material is mainly made of aluminum. Although it is metal, if the mouse has no problem, then it will not too much frictional sound when slide. , but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to carry, it is heavy, and it is easy to be corroded, especially those who are prone to sweat.  Metal mousepads are more suitable for playing games.

mouse pad that ignor and you don't know

In conclusion


Also, a good mouse pad can give you a good touch, the mouse pad to protect the table from wear and tear. If you like to play games, it is recommended to choose a mouse pad with a thicker surface. You can choose any mouse pad without playing the game.

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