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Mar 24, 2020 01:56 am    

Since Disney started filming the live-action version of Mulan, it has attracted a lot of attention at home and abroad. Since the release of the first trailer, audiences have been looking forward to the film. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus´╝îMulan has announced its worldwide withdrawal from cinemas.

I have to say, I really like the role of mulan. Mulan is not only a member of the Disney princess series, but also an ancient Chinese heroine. Her spirit of independence and courage continues to be shining today. Although we should wait a while before we can go to the cinema to see the mulan on the screen, it won't stop us from integrating her into our lives. Wait until the movie can be released is to cheer the movie. Take it as the design pattern of short sleeve customT-shirt, very accord with the image of self-reliant girls.

The print on a T-shirt can be a picture of Disney's heroic mulan in a live-action movie or an animated cartoon. The film defines mulan's character as someone who has her own personality and attitude. Loyal, brave, true, this should be more than a girl's motto, this is everyone needs to have the quality.Boys can choose more handsome patterns, as T-shirt design, such a label printed on the T-shirt, to express an attitude towards life.

Mulan's life is not all in the battlefield, also has the innocent lovely young girl period, this is mulan's different appearance, fortitude and courage is her, but gentle is also her. What kind of mulan do you have in mind? No matter she is gentle, or handsome, all want to see belong to your unique answer.

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