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Feb 25, 2020 06:35 am    

With all your attention focused on decorating your living room or bedroom, it's easy to forget to provide some interesting decorations for the bathroom. But you forget that you use the bathroom almost every day! Just change the shower curtain to illuminate the dreary bathroom. To make interesting updates, add geometric patterns or colors. If you are looking for a more refined style, please choose a simple design with a solid background and meticulous decoration.

Creative simple red flower digital print shower curtain

Even if your decoration budget is tight, an easy way to update the bathroom is to replace the shower curtain with a creative printed shower curtain designed by an artist on the custom bathroom shower curtain website.

Today, we are conducting an in-depth study of all shower curtains to enable you to understand, decorative elements that are often overlooked.

Determine the atmosphere

First of all, what kind of appearance do you want?

Do you want to use the shower curtain as the focus of the bathroom or a more subtle supplement to space? If your answer is the former, then some of the current trends to consider are bold plants and flowers, brightly colored abstract designs and humorous patterns. For the latter, consider simple lines, monochromatic shower curtains or light marble designs. Match your style with fabric shower curtains with colorful, interesting, tropical, artistic or other themes.

With the development of the home textile industry, there are many kinds of home textile accessories on the market, and we may lose ourselves when we choose and buy shower curtains. in fact, in the final analysis, the bathroom shower curtain eventually has to be used at home, so, it is very useful for us to enjoy some pictures of bathroom shower curtains here. It can help us match the indoor environment.

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