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As with T-shirt customizations, throw pillows are popular with many trendy young people or corporate studios.At the same time, it can be used as a gift to give back to fans and interact with them better.And embrace pillow custom-made from the soul is its pattern, so since the graph custom to become the most popular custom way.
So what do you need to pay attention to or requirements in custom pillow?
note for customized pillow: design requirements
Custom pillow, the quality of natural pattern is crucial.The sharpness and design effect of the pattern will affect the printing effect of the pattern, especially when you want to customize the picture pillow, you should pay more attention to the sharpness of the picture.

  1. Pattern format requirements:
    Image support JPG/PNG/SVG format (SVG format is better).
  2. Image pixel size requirements:
    The picture size is greater than or equal to 1000*1000 pixels (image pixel is greater than 3000*3000 the best effect), the resolution is greater than 72dpi, to ensure a better printing effect oh.
    (1) do not overstretch pictures:
    If the picture pixel is not enough, do not overstretch the original picture, forced to increase the picture pixel, so easy to cause the picture printing blurred, it is suggested to change the picture or seek help from customer service.
    (2) the transparent background is better, but the transparent background area should not be too much
    Do not use too many pictures of transparent areas, or even if the size is enough, also can affect the printing effect, many users said their images has been achieved or adjust to the size of the pixel requirements, but the picture is still vague, is part of the reason is that too much background region, even if the whole picture has to adjust the size requirement to the pixel, but the picture does not meet the requirements of pixel patterns of pixels.
    (3) the pattern line should not be too fine
    To assure printing effect, design line unfavorable design is over fine.
Notes on customized pillow
Notes on customized pillow
Notes on customized pillow

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