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Apr 28, 2020 03:11 am    

In the bathroom, shower curtains often play a great role, can block privacy, can also play the role of beautiful decoration, waterproof fabric shower curtains can also play a role in preventing water splash when bathing. Next, let's introduce to you which kind of material is good for the bath curtain fabric and how big the bathroom shower curtain is suitable. First of all, which material should be used for shower curtain fabric? The cotton shower curtain can withstand low temperature, but it is wet with water, so you can only rely on the waterproof coating to see its waterproof quality effect. Some waterproof layer can not be machine washable, need to pay attention to, but pure cotton feel will be relatively soft. Polyester shower curtain can be machine washable, waterproof and mildew-proof effect will be better.

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Secondly, in addition to the waterproof shower curtain material, the size of the shower curtain also needs to be considered. You cannot buy a shower curtain with the same width as the actual width of the bath part. For example, if your bathroom or bathtub is 150 centimeters wide, you need to buy a shower curtain that is 170 or even 180 wide, because it needs room for extension. If it is just the same as the actual width, it will not be pulled tightly. The height of the shower curtain is mostly about two meters. The hem of the shower curtain must be a distance from the ground to avoid getting dirty and accidentally stepping down the shower curtain, not only the shower curtain is torn, but also people may fall to the ground and cause serious consequences. Houses with special floor height and aesthetic needs can choose higher shower curtains.

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In addition, the shower curtain is pressed by machine, and it is normal to have a small deviation in size. International conventional size is 180 cm wide and high, if you use waterproof polyester shower curtain material, then the waterproof effect is very good. Moreover, the shower curtain can not only prevent the spray from splashing around when we take a bath. It can also protect our privacy.

Shower curtain is a very important part of bathroom decoration, in addition to everyone will choose the waterproof shower curtain material, now you know the other factors of choosing shower curtain!

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