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Started by on May 13, 2020 – Last touched: May 13, 2020

May 13, 2020 08:37 am    

In early 2020, we spent the quietest Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in fashion, but also the most lively and human festival on the Internet. It is often said that the connection between people has gradually faded, but various Forwarding for help, a warm video to cheer for Wuhan, various aids are coming, we are not in the front line, but have been online, and conveyed great love through the Internet. And we can also use the custom T-shirt and warm words to cheer for Wuhan together!
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Some people say that the current Chinese are indifferent and down-to-earth, but not romantic, but the Chinese people's heart under the epidemic is warm. There will be an old man with a mask on the street in the early morning pulling up "Kayusha", there will be Young people lay on the snow to make the angry and sad exclamation mark, and we can choose to customize the T-shirt that cheers for Wuhan love, and then record the video. People from all over the world are cheering for the Chinese, and a custom T-shirt will be Our blessings are connected.
The charity video is to convey faith to all people in the epidemic and stick to the days of spring, and victory will ultimately belong to us. The epidemic situation is related to everyone. Through the public welfare video, we encourage everyone to start with me, start with the small things within our ability, use each of our efforts to become a hope for success, and tell the people in the affected area that we are with you , The dawn will finally come. The love T-shirt that cheers for Wuhan can express our identity, that is, we are all people who pray for Wuhan, dedicate love, and achieve bright!
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Using charity slogans to design charity T-shirt patterns, this kind of custom-made T-shirt is not only a piece of clothing, but also agglomerated with the anxious expectations of Chinese children. It is a conviction that overcomes difficulties. Everyone is doing their best The greatest efforts within the country to overcome difficulties and defeat the epidemic, even if the strength is weak, must be proved by action, we are together.
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