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Feb 24, 2020 06:36 am    

Many people like to lay rugs and custom personalized rugs at home. The style of home is improved in an instant. There are noise reduction, heat insulation, and decoration effects. It is said that rugs originated from the nomadic people in ancient Central Asia. But in the long river of time, the rug is no longer just a wall surrounded by nomadic habitat, nor is it just a pious worshiper under the yellow sand, it has gradually become popular all over the world, playing an important supporting role in people's lives.

Hide And Seek World Championships 1967 Rug

In the field of contemporary soft clothing, the rug is called the art on the ground. It also has an elegant name: the fifth wall at home. Its importance can be seen. A rug suitable for space will be like the finishing touch. It will brighten the space in an instant and help the designer to complete the interpretation of the design language and style.

The Day You Plant the Seed is Not the Day You Eat the Fruit Rug

Unconstrained chat, or back to the demand, before the selection of custom rug, the first need to judge, the practical rug. Choosing a suitable rug is very important to households, but still, a lot of people think the rug is bad to maintain so do not want. How many people are afraid of mites, afraid of cleaning, and give up such a beautiful rug! Rug as long as learn to distinguish, learn to maintain and clean, can also be used very comfortably, feel the joy of life. Choose a better matching custom printed rug for home furnishings. The choice of color corresponds to the color of the space. The pattern and style are determined by the style of the home. The material is determined by the environment. Of course, the most important point is determined by your budget.

Navy Blue Seed Pods Rug

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