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Dec 19, 2019 06:30 am    

In autumn and winter, the weather is changeable. But no matter how the temperature changes, a hoodies can always accompany us. When the weather is warm, wear a hoodies; the weather is cold, with a long sleeve inside; if the weather is cold, a coat is very convenient ! Personalized hoodies customization allows you to have your own cultural shirt in autumn and winter!

Personalized hoodies custom autumn and winter preferred custom hoodies

Personalized hoodies customization can be said that the cost performance of the fabric is very important. The fabric is relatively sparse, and naturally feels cheaper. If you look at the dense and strong, it naturally feels very high-grade. It is best to choose a fabric that will not shrink. If it fits well when you wear it, it will get smaller and smaller, because the deformation caused by shrinkage will look wrinkled and unsightly, and you will have the illusion of fat surge. This is the choice of fabric No good choice.
Personalized hoodies customization also needs to pay attention to the printing design. It was very beautiful when you just got it, but only the printing was cracked when you washed it, and there was no urge to wear it, which was also inappropriate. T-shirt customization is an expression of your own personality. Choosing your own style, fashion is your own.

Personalized hoodies custom autumn and winter preferred custom hoodies

The price of personalized hoodies customization is a concern for many people. There is no fixed price for custom clothing products. Generally, the price of the bottom shirt plus the price of printing. The price of printing also depends on our printing pattern and printing process. In short, a hoodies is usually around a hundred yuan, and we usually buy a hoodies of the same quality price is not much different.

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