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Dec 26, 2019 02:43 am    

With the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone cases as a representative of the peripheral products increasingly popular. Compared with the finished mobile phone case, customized mobile phone case for consumers will be full of personalized pictures, words, symbols and other information with professional equipment into exclusive mobile phone case. In order to show your personality and identity, this is the customization of mobile phone case.

Personalized mobile phone cases customization adds personality

The imaging principle of the mobile phone cases is to use the color painting hot pressing high-temperature technology, that is, UV flat printing, which adopts the non-contact printing technology, through the computer time line automatic control, to locate and find the precise location, and to import the selected pictures into the computer for printing and printing. This printing technology has the advantages of fast printing speed, bright colors, water-proof, sun proof and color fastness Wear resistance. Compared with the traditional mobile phone stickers, the customization of the mobile phone cases is not easy to fall off, the design is beautiful and the material is unique, which makes the mobile phone more fashionable and beauty. The selection of the material pays more attention to the effect of anti-collision and anti falling. It is also different from other technologies, such as screen printing, engraving, transfer printing, offset printing, etc. from all aspects, the printing technology of mobile phone cases customization is very simple, convenient and fast. It not only avoids high cost, but also saves a lot of tedious operating procedures.
Personalized mobile phone cases customization adds personality

Action is better than heart. You choose, I make it, and quickly customize a unique mobile phone cases for your mobile phone. Change your mobile phone into a fashionable good looking outfit, so that your mobile phone will show more unique temperament, make your mobile phone different, and you won't have the same style when and where you take it out.

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