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May 09, 2020 02:02 pm    

The trend of T-shirts is constantly changing wave after wave. Big logos T-shirts, English T-shirts, Chinese T-shirts, and popular portrait T-shirts are constantly setting off the best part of the personalized T-shirt trend.

When it comes to personality T-shirts, we can't do without the face T-shirts and photo T-shirts that are very popular in recent years, and the retro portrait T-shirts that are very popular in recent years.

David Bowie, personality, portrait, pattern, T-shirt photo

The cool rappers on the hip-hop stage shot the young people's restless hearts. In addition to their attitude lyrics, dressing style has become the focus of attention. It seems that simple T-shirts can no longer meet the needs of people to express their ideas and promote their personalities, especially music lovers, and idols become regular customers on their T-shirts.

Michael Jackson, personality, portrait, T-shirt photos

What kind of picture can become a customized picture on a personalized t-shirt? Ouch! What a surprise! You might say that this is not a picture of someone on my mobile music player! Why didn't I think that they could also be used as patterns on customized T-shirts ? t-shirt customization website is such a personalized customization platform.Think what you think, think you dare not think, do what you want, do what you dare not do.

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