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Cotton T-shirts are one of the more custom-made styles. The benefits of cotton T-shirts are many, but the cleaning is easy to deform. Below, T-customizer will explain to you, the benefits of cotton T-shirts and how many days can be cleaned. Personalized T-shirts ?

Personalized T-shirt customizable for a few days

The cotton T-shirt is comfortable to wear, soft and skin-friendly, absorbs sweat and dissipates heat, and has won the hearts and minds of many employees. But when we cleaned the cotton T-shirts more times, we will find that the cotton T-shirts in the hands are getting old and deformed. Can we wash them after a few days of getting a custom T-shirt?

Personalized T-shirt customizable for a few days

Cotton t-shirt cleaning method

  1. T-shirts must be cleaned separately, because the fibers of cotton easily absorb other colors and dyes. Do not use alkaline cleaning products on cotton fabrics to make T-shirts harder; therefore, it is recommended to use acidic detergents to neutralize them. It would be better if you use a special cotton detergent. In addition, the summer clothes must be washed frequently, so that the sweat will not remain on the T-shirt for too long.
  2. The summer T-shirt is relatively thin, and the cotton wrinkle resistance is not very good, usually the best water temperature when washing is 30 degrees - 35 degrees, soak a few minutes, but not too long, do not force it, this will T-shirts are deformed and become bigger. You only need to put the dirty place on the detergent and gently rub it. The decontamination of the washing products is good. If you can't wash it, then this T Don't worry about it, don't wring it out after washing! Cool in the cool and ventilated place, do not expose to sunlight, so as not to fade.
  3. When drying, you must also be very careful, not directly in the sun, it is best to ventilate the place to dry, do not directly use the hanger to support the neckline, you will find the place where the two shoulders are dry There is a bulge, which affects the beauty! The best way is to put a dry towel on the long hanger, and then put the T-shirt from the middle, so that the cotton T-shirt will be dripping. There is an elongated phenomenon in the process.
    Autumn is approaching, and most of the T-shirts that consumers choose to order T-shirts are polyester-cotton or cotton T-shirts , so the T-shirt features of these two fabrics will introduce their respective advantages.
    Personalized T-shirt customizable for a few days

The advantages of custom cotton T-shirts

  1. Strong moisture absorption: cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. Under normal conditions, the fiber can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, and its water content is 8-10%. The cotton fiber is porous and the inner molecular arrangement Very irregular, and the molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic structures.
  2. Warmth and antistatic: cotton fiber insulation is naturally needless to say, and it is also a poor conductor of electricity, so anti-static effect is good, many anti-static T-shirt is made of cotton fiber.
  3. Health: Because cotton fiber is a natural fiber, does not contain any artificial additives, normal wear will not cause damage to cotton fiber, no harm to the human body.
    4. Custom cotton T-shirt anti-alkaline: cotton fiber resistance to alkali is greater, so in design, production can be processed into more styles, style T-shirt.

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