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May 07, 2020 09:32 am    

I believe that we all have the experience that when making interior decoration, family members often have different preferences and opinions. Sometimes one person prefers the purple and red flower pattern, while the other person insists on the yellow and green geometric pattern. When choosing the decorative pillow cover, this kind of difference is solved very well!

yellow and green, geometric pattern, decorative pillow cover

We can choose the printed pillow cover with flower pattern first, and then change it to geometric pattern after a period of time, or make some concessions, and put on two styles of pillow covers at the same time, which is unique in style and meaning!

solid, simple, fresh, stripe, printed pillow cover

It's hard to keep children's rooms clean and tidy. When buying pillow covers , solid colors can reduce the sense of clutter. In the girl's room, you can choose a ripple or cute cartoon pattern. The boys' room can put some striped patterns or blue fabric pillow cover. The choice of texture should pay attention to softness and wear resistance.

unique, printed pillow cover, matching, home decoration

When your room is empty without decoration, a unique print pillow cover can light up the whole room for you. When you are still worried about the home style, it can change the discord between you and your family members in the decoration opinion in a subtle way. When you watch TV alone, it can fill the void in your arms, let it accompany you to spend the night time. When you lie in bed alone and read magazines, it can also be your partner, pad on your back, you can comfortably lie down, and enjoy the free afternoon of summer! When you are sad, gently embrace it, let it give you light warmth!

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