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Apr 17, 2020 01:40 am    

Sunshine can bring people a comfortable mood, and beautiful printing patterns can inject fresh vitality into people. When your space is too boring and dull, you must break it! Decorate the room? Colorful throw pillow covers are an ideal starting point. Use our digital print custom pillow covers to create pleasant decorations.

Green plants printed pillow covers
The throw pillow cover printed with green plant pattern is a very popular throw pillow cover in recent years. With the fresh breath of leaves, and the wonderful combination of sofa, implanted a touch of vitality for the sofa. (especially recommended: "green plant printing throw pillow cover", different vitality! ).

green plant printing throw pillow cover, different vitality

Animal printed pillow covers
In the exquisite and meticulous fashion world, animal printing is synonymous with wild, natural and charming, which is highly sought after and loved by people, adding full vitality to the space.(recommended by the special object: "animal printing throw pillow cover", so playful and lovely! ).

animal printing throw pillow cover, so playful and lovely

Children's lovely printed pillow covers
The high-looking children's interest printing throw pillow cover can not only light up the color of the space, but also bring yourself a warm "sense of healing". If you have a heart full of childishness, it is a great choice for you. (recommended by the special object: "Children's interest healing printed pillow cover" to give you warm hour light! ).

Children's interest healing printed pillow cover ,to give you warm hour light

Color taken from space can not be ignored
How to take color from space? The color of the wall, the style of the decorative painting, the design and color of the carpet and the texture of the curtains can provide reference for the color of the personalized pillow covers, so as to make the space have more overall visual coherence.

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