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May 11, 2020 08:44 am    

The new coronary pneumonia raged, and masks became a shield against this battle, but there are still some people who do n’t wear masks, or do n’t know how to choose the right mask. Science popularization is imperative, choose to wear a second mask with a design pattern It is also the physical behavior of people's knowledge of popular science masks, which also reflects the attitude of being together with the people. The editor introduces the choice of public welfare mask patterns.

First of all, you can choose a series of interesting formulas as patterns, "FFP3> FFP2 = N95 = KN95> KN90", N series is the American standard; KN series is the Chinese standard; FFP series is the European standard; the higher the number, the higher the protection level. Everyone is confused about the choice of masks. In the case of scarce domestic masks, many people will choose masks for purchasing, but a bunch of foreign languages ​​increase the choice of many people. This simple pattern can help people choose simple masks when purchasing I need it.
 Custom Masks

The second one can choose "Wuhan refueling". This kind of text design calls everyone to join hands with Wuhan to fight against the new pneumonia epidemic. It also promotes the call for people to raise money for the people in the epidemic area. Everyone works together to cheer for Wuhan. At the same time, it also showed the seriousness of the situation and the necessity of wearing a mask to the pedestrians, and persuaded people who did not wear a mask to tell them the route of virus transmission and the importance of wearing a mask. Such a charitable call to practice is to lay a solid foundation for the masses in the battle against the epidemic, and to make the masses aware of their prevention.
 Unique Mask

Masks have become the first line of defense in this battle, and this line of defense requires people to have sufficient awareness of prevention to really build it, so public welfare publicity to people who do not have much contact with information sources has become a very necessary action, and Masks are also the most powerful publicity signs.
Although the epidemic is rampant, we can also choose some lovely customized masks to carry out some simple protection in our daily life.Of course, this only refers to non-severe epidemic areas and non-medical use.Here are a few creative custom masks.

Funny Custom Masks
Cute Custom Masks
Pink cute custom mask

Under the oppressive atmosphere of the epidemic, several innovative and creative customized masks can improve people's mood.

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