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Dec 21, 2019 01:33 am    

In a lot of families, we often can see the appearance of rugs. According to the different family most rug can be customized design. But what does rug do? Is it just pretty? Actually rug still can absorb noise, keep warm and conduct heat. What kind of rug will suit your home? How to choose a suitable one?

Rugs of custom is just decoration? That's how your rug should be

1.Choose decorative custom rugs according to room function. Different functions of the room, rug selection is also different.For example the rug of the bedroom, want to have sweet atmosphere, the quality of a material that should notice rug, can lay pink rug, just can appear bedroom warmth is romantic. The sitting room is the place that receives a guest, it is the face project in the home, person flow is bigger, need to choose the rug of thick wear-resisting, and should accord with indoor integral decorate a style.
Rugs of custom is just decoration? That's how your rug should be

2.Planning the laying area of Rug to reduce the waste of Purchasing.
The rug of the bedroom does not need to be too large, sometimes only need to spread a small piece on the side of the bed, do not let the feet come out of the warm quilt and directly touch the cold ground, is the greatest use of the rug in the bedroom. Because the dining room generally places dining tables and chairs, the chairs are placed under the table when not eating, and the chairs are pulled out when eating, so the size of the rug should take into account the chairs pulled out. Rug is placed at the door, it is generally appropriate to lay small-size rug or doormats, both beautify the home, and have the role of household cleaning. If the living room area is not large, you should choose a rug with a slightly larger area than the tea table.
Rugs of custom is just decoration? That's how your rug should be

3.Rug selection and collocation.
When choosing a rug, don't like it because of the design and color of the rug. Buy it back and the style is not suitable, and the rug can't be used, resulting in waste. Therefore, when buying rugs, we must consider the decoration style of the house and choose the appropriate rug.

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