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Dec 14, 2019 03:02 am    

The doormat is generally used at the door. If the room is very clean, the doormat will be placed outside the door. Before entering the door, take off your shoes first, so as not to bring dust into the house. In addition, the doormat is placed at the door of the bathroom, so as not to bring water into the room or living room after bathing or washing. The doormat can absorb dust and prevent water. It also has the function of avoiding damp and antiskid in the house as much as possible. It can also improve the overall image of the family.The traditional doormats are out of date. Now the creative custom doormats are popular. They are practical and interesting. But clean the dust under the mat in time or there will be peculiar smell if it is not cleaned for a long time.

Selection and use of door mat

Door mat size

In general, the size of the door mat is 90 centimeters long and 500 centimeters wide. It should be red to bring good luck to the family. There have basically all the sizes you need, but the problem is that if you go to buy it, you'd better measure the size of your own door.

Selection and use of door mat

Position of doormat

Kitchen: prevent water and oil from entering outside the kitchen.
It is recommended to use cotton dust removal floor mat with good water and oil absorption. The color is dark, it is not obvious after getting dirty, it is easy to clean, and the price is cheap.

Balcony, staircase: can play the role of anti-skid. In front of the door: decontamination, dust removal, prevent the dirt on the shoes from entering the room. Generally use coconut fiber material, rubber, nylon, polypropylene, polyester and other materials to remove dust floor mats.

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