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Apr 29, 2020 06:24 am    

Whether it is a glass door or a bathroom shower curtain , the dry and wet separation of the bathroom can be achieved. Some people consider using glass, especially in new houses, always want to be spacious and bright, and want to glass shower rooms. Of course, there are certain security risks in choosing glass doors in bathrooms. So now the installation of bathroom shower curtain has become a new choice for many owners. And what is the difference between a bathroom curtain and a glass door? That is, the glass door may look spacious and brighter.

Spacious and bright bathroom glass door glass door shower room partition

So relatively speaking, the advantages of the bathroom shower curtain are:

First, it is suitable for small bathroom space.

The glass doors of some bathroom rooms are not easy to clean, and the space separated by the glass is relatively small, so it is easy to bump into it accidentally. And because the space is too small, it is easy to produce a sense of pressure. The bathroom shower curtain installation is very simple, only need to install a movable stainless steel shelf, retractable, and can be adjusted according to the size of their own bathroom. Simple, convenient and beautiful.

Second, economic affordable.

Bathroom shower curtain price is more affordable, cost-effective, for the small bathroom is very practical. For the problem of leakage, in fact, there will be water in the bathroom, it is impossible to guarantee that there is no water outside. And if the glass door of the shower room is broken, the moving door is not only troublesome to repair, but also expensive. The glass door is heavy, so it may be more difficult for the elderly and children, but the shower curtain is very convenient for them, as long as it is gently pulled.

Economical,various, bathrooms, shower curtain ,gray text printing shower curtain

Third, Various styles

There are various patterns on the shower curtain in the bathroom. You can also install the shower curtain according to your favorite style. You can change it to your favorite style at any time. It's better to replace the shower curtain regularly, because if it's a plastic one, it will age and affect the appearance. It's uncomfortable to look at it, so we should change it to make the shower curtain play a role in the bathroom. In this way, the shower curtain can also be placed in the bathroom as an ornament. The beautiful printed shower curtains in the bathroom is full of happiness feel.

Glass doors and bathroom shower curtains have their own advantages and disadvantages. I suggest not to follow the trend. After all, the suitable one is always the best.

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