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May 04, 2020 08:31 am    

Many people hope to embody their personalized in the decoration and atmosphere of home decoration. Like curtains, like shower curtains. Different from curtain, shower curtain is a more private isolation measure during bathing. Compared with the use of the glass room, the separation of bathroom shower curtain between bath and washbasin is more convenient and economical.

What is the best material for the shower curtain?
Now the material of all kinds of shower curtains on the market is also very many, each kind of material has its own advantages and disadvantages so which material is the best in home decoration? Next, I would like to introduce to you. After reading the article, I hope you can get some inspiration from it.

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There are many kinds of shower curtain materials , such as plastic with good waterproof and mildew-proof effect and no mildew under damp conditions. There are also textile fabrics with good hand feel, more transparent, strong, and durable polyester fabrics with good draping sense, etc. Of course, they also have their own shortcomings, such as silica gel, which is not resistant to low temperature, nor close to the heat source. For the owners who have a bathroom heater in the bathroom, they should pay attention to the use. The textile type has no waterproof effect, and the polymer will be too hard and heavy, etc. So when you choose, you should choose according to the characteristics of your bathroom. The above are some examples of the analysis of the best material of shower curtain in home decoration. Some people in the shower curtain installation process like a good feel of the shower curtain, because the touch has a texture, but also reflects their own taste. And some owners more start from their own practical point of view, to choose their own shower curtain is whether suitable for their own bathroom, is whether suitable for their own overall decoration style.

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At the same time, it is very important that your budget is in line with your choice. And shower curtain what material is best also varies from person to person, just like decoration style, some people like the pastoral style. Some people advocate European minimalist style, good or bad, all depend on personal style, after all, the world of the home is unique to everyone.

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