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Apr 01, 2020 07:47 am    

Want to decorate your living space with printed rug, but you are confused? Don't worry! Here is a simple purchase idea to help you choose the most suitable rug.

The patterns on the printed design rug are varied, and the themes are all inclusive. Some are mainly animals, some are people, some are landscapes, some are purely patterns. The pattern of rugs can be matched according to the style of furniture. For furniture made of mahogany or imitation mahogany, the regular pattern with symmetrical line arrangement is generally selected, which is simple and elegant. For furniture made of combination or new style, the pure color or irregular pattern is generally selected, which can highlight the theme of home.

According to the style of the living room furniture, the printed rug can choose the corresponding carpet to make the decoration theme of the living room more concentrated; or according to the personal demand for comfort, choose the rug to make the atmosphere more in place, and appropriately create a little artistic sense with personality. Different people have different aesthetic consciousness. Some people like colorful rugs, while others like plain rugs. But there is a point, carpet color and environment should not be too big contrast. Also, when choosing colors, we should first see the orientation of the house. To the southeast or south of the housing, daylighting area is large, the best choice of cold color; if it is northwest oriented, the choice of warm color is better, which will make the originally cold housing to add some warmth.

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