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Mar 14, 2020 08:41 am    

Personalized pillow case is to comply with the concept of market demand consumption, add DIY elements on the basis of traditional pillow case, and design and print patterns according to personal preferences. The purpose is to print the photos, wedding photos and patterns of stars or their favorite on the pillow case to form their own unique personalized throw pillow. First, it can be used as home decoration to add personality to the room; second, it can be put in the car as decoration; third, it can be given to parents, friends, and classmates as birthday gifts, wedding commemorations, various tourism commemorations, etc.

The position of a throw pillow in interior decoration is equal to that of the bag in fashion. With the continuous improvement of people's life quality, a small creative pillow case has evolved into a fashionable decoration of all kinds.

A comfortable throw pillow can relieve the pressure of office workers. A warm throw pillow can accompany you to sleep safely. A novel throw pillow can light up the creativity of the whole space. A custom pillow case for you adds infinite fun to your life. Self-portrait, group photo, baby photo, family photo or landscape painting can be printed on the pillow case as long as you like.

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