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May 04, 2020 09:08 am    

Although the throw pillows are only a small part of the home decoration, they can make the room look more soft and comfortable. Customized digital printed pillow covers with different colors and patterns can also create a different atmosphere and highlight a unique personal style. There are many styles of the pillow cover, many people don't know how to choose. Recommend some necessary soft pillow covers to enhance the warmth of the home.

For most people now, they are facing great pressure both at work and in life. And these pleasing pillow cover can adjust your life, choose some colored pillow cover decoration, American style shows the comfort or exquisite, this is enough.

Geometric Nordic style pillow cover: the Nordic style is mainly concise, and the most representative is the use of geometric patterns. The Nordic style simplifies the design to its essence, emphasizes its inherent charm, and the geometric pattern shows a rational sense of beauty. It can also be combined at will, for the home to add a touch of bright color, even a simple style can also make people feel good.

The big floor-to-ceiling windows introduce plenty of sunshine into the living room, especially in spring and autumn, it is really comfortable to stay at home. Light gray three-person cloth sofa, put on a lot of Nordic style geometric patterns of small throw pillows, atmosphere, and leisure. The color of the floor lamp and the coffee table echoes, and the bright yellow is the most amazing!

Novel design, color cascading, fashionable and beautiful, everywhere can reflect the beauty of simplicity, printed pillow cover with fine workmanship, different styles bring you different visual enjoyment, to create a romantic home space for you.

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