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Started by on Dec 11, 2019 – Last touched: Dec 11, 2019

Dec 11, 2019 02:01 am    

Now many companies need to customize tote bags and environmental protection bags. Here is some simple tote bag customization needs to pay attention to.

Some Note of Custom Tote Bags

1. Need to determine your style. The simplest style of custom-made tote bags is borderless and with two shoulder straps.

Some Note of Custom Tote Bags

2. Determine your pattern and quantity. The design requirements are best made from vector files, otherwise, the printing effect is not ideal. A reasonable price can be given according to the pattern and quantity. So the quantity must be provided. Our production will be strictly by the quantity given by the customer.

Some Note of Custom Tote Bags

3. Select the cloth material and color. According to the budget and own brand positioning, the choice of general materials or thickened tote bags is generally black and white. The choice of color must be reasonable with the color of the printed pattern, otherwise, the effect of the finished product is not good.

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