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Jan 15, 2020 03:10 am    

Usually, the mobile phone is held in the hand, and accidentally falls on the ground, then the mobile phone is easily damaged. At this time, you need to choose a mobile phone case to protect your mobile phone. skill-based.



Don't be too fancy

The current mobile phone cases can be described as various and dazzling. We can't pick too many fancy phone cases and need practical. Too fancy phone cases, but it is not comfortable and uncomfortable to hold the phone.


Some Tips of choose phone case

Silicone phone case dissipates heat

Because the silicone mobile phone case is relatively difficult to dissipate heat, you must choose a hole to dissipate heat when choosing, otherwise, the body is easy to get hot and not dissipate heat, and burn out the internal parts of the phone.



Some Tips of choose phone case


Flexible keyhole

There are many models of mobile phone shells that match the mobile phone, but there are no obvious keyholes in the keys. Such mobile phone shell keys are not flexible and inconvenient to use, so you must pay attention to the matching mobile phone shell keys must have holes.

TPU soft rubber sleeve is easy to be dirty

Choose as few TPU soft rubber sleeves as possible, although it feels good, it is easy to get dirty, and it is almost impossible to wash off if it is dirty.

Some Tips of choose phone case


Leather case with many advantages

Those who are afraid of the screen of the mobile phone are very recommended to choose a leather case. The holster can not only protect the cleanness of the mobile phone screen, but also protect the entire body of the mobile phone, and it is also convenient to answer the mobile phone.

Protective phone case with protruding screen

With a mobile phone case, sometimes the phone is dropped on the ground, and the screen landing is also distressing, so if you choose a mobile phone case, Xiaobian still recommends choosing a prominent mobile phone case. This is to protect the mobile phone screen, even if the screen is on the ground Can't reach the ground.



Phone case projection screen film

When choosing a phone case, you can also choose a whole color set, which not only protects the body but also protects the screen with a film. The most important thing is that the entire set looks very beautiful and cute! 


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