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Jan 06, 2020 03:07 am    

The bedroom and living room are covered with soft creative rugs, and the effect is exactly the not same! Let's see what other people's creative rugs look like.

A little fresh style

If you are literary and artistic youth if your home is decorated into a small fresh style if you like the life of sweet little romance, how can you get such a small rug less in the home? This rug looks ordinary at first glance, but look more and more have a taste! Light green background, printed with simple flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, simple but warm!

Someone else's creative design rugs

The dizziness caused by the color whirlpool

Want to put some graffiti on the walls of my house, ugh! A little uneasy! What if it's ruined! It doesn't matter, the whirlpool rug is laid on the ground directly, let your home become artistic! The whirlpool that irregular line forms, the color such as bright contrast yellow, blue hits the spark that gives an art, greatly small whirlpool independence is linked again, such whirlpool rug, draw your look directly into!

Someone else's creative design rugs

The mosaic rug is colorful and fashionable.

If your home color is plainer, if you want to add a little colorful vitality to your home, this kind of mosaic carpet is very suitable! The combination of red, blue, white and various deep and light colors is bright and gorgeous. If it's laid in a clean home, it's a spark of fashion.

Someone else's creative design rugs

Do you want to have such a special rug? So where do you get these creative rugs? You can choose a professional custom rug website to buy, customize your own creative rug can also buy ready-made. For more information on creative rugs, you can browse our more introduction to creative custom rugs.

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