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Jan 08, 2020 06:51 am    

T-shirts are fashionable and versatile, whether they are worn outside or inside, it is very good. As for the choice of color, it can be a pure white, printed T-shirt or letter T-shirt. Appropriate matching can look very fashionable. It can be said that T-shirts have become an essential piece of clothing in daily life.

T-shirt and Polo which are more suitable for man?

Of course, the positioning of the T-shirt is in daily life, and the positioning of the Polo shirt is a relatively formal occasion. However, Polo shirts do not have the same sense of restraint as shirts, so Polo shirts have become a casual item that many professionals like very much. Choosing a suitable Polo shirt can give a  Good business impression in the workplace.

T-shirt and Polo which are more suitable for man?

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